At KAAPAGAM TECHNOLOGIES, We Enhance & Strengthen your cybersecurity posture, Reduce cyber risk, Facilitate compliance, and Transform you in to a Proactive, Effective and Resilient organisation.

Managed security Services, Penetration Test (Pentest), Compromise Assessment, Dark web breach Assessment, Network resilience assessment, TVRA assessment, security posture assessment, Social Engineering Assessments, Managed Web Application Firewall, CISO-as-a-Service, Incident Response, Cyber Resilience Framework, ISMS, Threat Hunting, Cybersecurity Awareness Trainings, Executive Cyber Risk Trainings, Deep dive technical certifications.

  • Testimonials

    Kaapagam Incident Response Team sprung into action within minutes from our call and assisted us in handling our security incident that brought our entire operations down. The Team coordinated all our vendors and made sure we were up and running in full capacity and also stood in for our Senior Management presentations and managed the stakeholders concerns and timelines. We deeply appreciate the professionalism and efficiency of Kaapagam Incident Response Team
    - Director, A Medical University

  • Testimonials

    Incident Response Team was very helpful during our security incident that crippled our manufacturing operations. Many top organizations weren't able to determine the cause while Kaapagam within 24 hours found the SQLBrowser malware that was sucking our resources in our database and causing damage to our operations. They assisted in removing the malware and restoring the operations. We will always reachout to Kaapagam for any future cybersecurity related queries.
    - IT Manager, A Manufacturing Plant in Selangor

Call Now

Call to +603 7847 2777 or WhatsApp to +60123456 407 and a member of our Incident Response & Digital Forensics consulting team will get back to you immediately..

Quick Action plan

Document everything as it happens and Work on two priority Actions:

1. Prevent or minimize impact to normal operations
2. Ensure that sensitive data is protected

We recommend that you start by analyzing the following and do initial containment ( Note : depending on your incident, our Incident responder would have asked more questions and would have given you a more comprehensive action and containment plan. Below is just a basic guidance) :

1. What systems are impacted, are they still working ?
2. What data is impacted?
3. What methods can you use to contain the situation?
(Example : Remove the network cable, bring down the public access to the website, disable known rogue user/admin account, etc.)

Notify Stakeholders

Notify immediately to your Stakeholders (Senior Management), Vendors and Legal for Compliance and Support. Vendors may be able to bring in more support to assist you in containment.