CISO-as-a-Service - While you stay focused in your business, we stay steadfast on taking care of your organisations’ Cybersecurity resilience and compliance

Incident Response, Cyber Resilience Framework, ISMS, Threat Hunting, Cybersecurity Awareness Trainings, Executive Cyber Risk Trainings, Deep dive technical certifications.



Kaapagams’ CISO-as-a-Service offers organisations access to a pool of experts and seasoned cyber security professionals who can take on the role of a Chief Information Security Officer in your business. While you stay focused in your business, we stay steadfast on taking care of your organisations’ Cybersecurity resilience and compliance.


To employ a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) might be difficult for organisations due to the pay package as well as difficult in finding the right resource due to the shortage of quality manpower in the industry. Current IT Team may have issues in articulating the needs of cybersecurity to the board / senior management and hence the current cybersecurity posture may put them in a silver plate to hackers and threat actors.

Following are the common reasons why customers selected our CISO as a Service offering :

  • Wanted a trusted adviser who is a globally-recognised experienced professional
  • Wanted a vendor-neutral perspective with organisations’ interest at heart
  • Wanted a CISO as an extension of their business; minus the hefty pay cheque
  • Wanted a CISO to be a strong stakeholder manager who can deliver
  • Wanted a CISO to assist them to align business against international best practices and standards
  • Wanted a CISO who has the experience to articulate and present to senior executives, board members and non-technical senior staffs


If you believe your organization is the victim of a cyberattack, Kaapagam Technologies emergency responders can help instantly

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We give our Customers option to access expert advice and guidance from seasoned cybersecurity professionals who deliver on all their requirements at a fraction of the price compared to the pay package that multinationals and big enterprises had to pay for a full time CISO resource.

Once your organisation has onboarded our CISO-as-a-service, CISO will be able to work on the following list of activities as required by the organisation and agreed as per the scope of work agreement  :

  • Strategic and tactical leadership on information assurance, governance and information risk management
  • Trusted advisory on information security
  • Strategic and tactical advice to address existing and evolving security threats
  • Framework for defense in depth with suitable preventive, detective, corrective and recovery controls
  • Security architecture, design and assurance frameworks
  • Create, review and optimisation of existing information security governance and risk management framework
  • Create, review and optimisation of security policy, processes and procedures
  • Create, review and optimise Cyber resiliency and incident response maturity to better detect and respond to cyber-attacks
  • Create, review and optimisation of incident response plans
  • Management of security compliance and alignment with industry best practice and standards, such as ISO 27001
  • Participation and leadership in meetings, committees and interaction with board members, and other senior executives
  • Help identify, assess and select cost efficient security technologies
  • Planning and delivery of security awareness training to executives and the oversight of the larger information security training across the organisation, including information security training and awareness for all staff
  • Management of Information Security Team (if necessary)