What is Valari?

Valari is a Web Application Firewall & Security Management System designed to secure your web applications from attacks and provide a layer of security by proxy-ing all HTTP(S) traffic and shield web servers and databases from direct access of the attackers irrespective of the underlying application vulnerabilities.

  • Valari can detect and block all the OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities and many more Web application threats:
    • HTTP Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), HTTP Flooding and Slow HTTP DoS Attacks, Brute Force Login, OS Command Injection, Parameter / Form Field Tampering, Data Disclosure, Phishing Attacks, SQL Injection, Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF), Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Drive-by-Downloads, Directory Traversal, Buffer Overflow, Cookie Injection, Cookie Poisoning, Site Reconnaissance, Data Destruction, Remote File Inclusion Attacks, Google Hacking, Anonymous Proxy Vulnerabilities, HTTP Response Splitting, HTTP Verb Tampering, HTTP Parameter Pollution Attack, Malicious Encoding, Malicious Robots, Known Worms, Web Services (XML) attacks, Session Hijacking, Site Scraping, Sensitive Data Leakage (Social Security Numbers, Cardholder Data, PII, HPI), Web server software and operating system attacks, Zero Day Web Worms, Forceful Browsing of Website Content, Automated Botnet Attacks, Manipulation of Query String Parameters and many more

  • Full Web Traffic Logging : contents in the web Request bodies are not logged by the web servers and hence attackers use POST requests to delivery exploits and it goes completely blind on the web server logs. With full HTTP transaction logging in VALARI, itis possible to log all requests and responses. This Logging feature can be controlled on what and when a log is created. VALARI can be configured to mask the sensitive data in the request and/or response fields before they are written to the audit log.

  • Web Intrusion Detection with Just-In Time Monitoring and Detection : Web Traffics are monitored real time to detect attacks and react on suspicious events / data that hit your web applications.

  • Built-in Anti-evasion and Encoding validation mechanisms.

  • Protected protocols: HTTP, HTTPS (SSL), XML, Web services, SOAP and AJAX

  • Facilitates compliance with PCI DSS requirement 6.6

  • Attack Prevention and External Patching / Virtual Patching : VALARI acts immediately to prevent attacks from reaching your web applications. With more than 20,000 specific rules, VALARI is an ideal external patching tool. External patching (referred to as Virtual Patching) is about reducing the window of opportunity as the time needed to fix / patch application vulnerabilities often take weeks to months. With VALARI, application vulnerabilities can be patched from the WAF Layer without patching the application source code making your applications secure until a proper patch is applied to the application by your development team or vendors.

  • Flexible Rule Engine : The Heart of VALARI is made up of our flexible rule engine with more than 20,000 specific rules covering all sorts of application vulnerabilities, signature patterns and evasion patterns. Our Rule engine is implemented with hardening, protocol validation and detection of web application security issues and is kept updated on regular basis as and when vulnerabilities and attack vectors evolve.

  • Geo-location Blocking : VALARI allows Geo-location blocking to block request originated from specific countries

  • Integrated Security Rules from various public vulnerability data signature sources and VALARI correlates data from all these numerous sources to generate the Flexible – Scalable – Reliable rules, automatically updating daily and as needed. Various vulnerability data signature sources include :

    • Kaapagam Tech Rule Set

    • Public vulnerability data such as the Open Source Vulnerability Database (OSVDB)

    • Honeypot systems

  • High Availability Deployment option with Active & Passive VALARI Units with identical rule sets and configurations. The Passive VALARI unit can be put-in action if the primary VALARI unit is down for any unforeseen circumstances.

  • Valari Infographic


VALARI has successfully completed PreCC and Currently submitted for Common Criteria Certification ( ISO /IEC 15408 ). 

VALARI is supported by Cyber Security Malaysia, an agency under Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI). 

Common Criteria Certification for VALARI is funded by MOSTI with Common Criteria Certification, VALARI will be the only WAF in APAC certified with CC.