What is Valai?

For the business owner, our value proposition is : We have ALL the required features that the competition offers, at a fraction of the cost and you get all the listed features out of the box, with no hidden costs. 

  • Layer 7 Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • Web Content Transparent Filtering, with Groups, Time of Day Restrictions and up to 74 blocked content categories (eg porn, warez, social networking etc)
  • Transparent Ad-blocking to speed up internet access, and make smartphone/tablet app access less obnoxious
  • Multi-line Internet Load Balancing (eg Unifi + YES) for high availability internet and higher speeds
  • Web Reverse Proxy –Host multiple websites (dozens) with a single public IP
  • Webserver Load Balancing to redirect traffic to multiple backend webservers with Smart Backend Switching
  • Web Caching to accelerate your internet connection by caching frequently visited sites
  • IP Reputation services with frequent updates (block malware IPs)
  • Filtering/shaping
  • High Performance SSL VPN Server with Perfect Forward Secrecy (Mac/Win/Linux/IOS/Android clients)
  • Unlimited SSL VPN clients
  • High Performance IPSEC VPN Server for legacy installations
  • Unlimited IPSEC VPN clients
  • Site-to-site VPN to link HQ & branch offices subnets transparently
  • HTTP antivirus for additional protection from infected websites
  • IM inspector (inspect supported instant messenger traffic)
  • Embedded hardware for maximum reliability in hostile environments
  • 5 Gigabit flexi interfaces
  • VLAN support
  • Full IPV6 support even when your ISP doesn’t support IPV6 (eg Unifi)
  • IP Guard – prevents unauthorized devices from getting network services
  • Advanced DHCP/DHCP6 server
  • Splitzone DNS
  • Monitoring and Reporting – Reporting based on Top Sites, Top Users as well as detailed logs of internet usage
  • High efficiency 64bit Intel Quadcore processor
  • Very lower power consumption
  • Powered by BSD-flavored *nix
  • Valai Infographic


Improved productivity of employees by controlling access to business related sites

Improve security via secure VPN, malware blocks, HTTP antivirus

Improve internet performance via caches

Reduce bandwidth due to inappropriate internet usage, ads, etc

Block threats to your network using a variety of measures (IDS, IP Reputation, Policy, etc)

Reduce the risk of PC infection due to infected websites or hijacked ad banner networks

Combine 2 internet lines for redundancy & performance

Make your smartphone/tablet access relatively ad free

Extensible design, allowing additional (free) modules which are released all the time

No nickel and diming to death, as with other firewall vendors.