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VALARI is a Web Application Firewall & Security Management System designed to secure your web applications from attacks and provide a layer of security by proxy-ing all HTTP(S) traffic and shield web servers and databases from direct access of the attackers irrespective of the underlying application vulnerabilities.

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VALAI is a firewall appliance on steroids, its key technical features  :

Layer 7 Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Multi-line Internet Load Balancing (eg Unifi + YES) for high availability internet and higher speeds, Web Reverse Proxy – Host multiple websites (dozens) with a single public IP, Web Caching to accelerate your internet connection by caching frequently visited sites.

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Kaapagam Technologies have devised a Vulnerability Management and a Security Shield package, KEDAYAM, as Vulnerability is one of the most important & actionable aspects of cyber security and reducing the vulnerability of your business data will in turn reduce the exposure and effectively manage risk.

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