VALAI : A Universal Security Gateway

VALAI is a firewall appliance on steroids, its key technical features  :

·         Layer 7 Intrusion Detection & Prevention

·         Web Content Transparent Filtering, with Groups, Time of Day Restrictions and up to 74 blocked content

           categories (eg porn, warez, social networking etc)

·         Transparent Ad-blocking to speed up internet access, and make smartphone / tablet app access

           less obnoxious

·         Multi-line Internet Load Balancing (eg Unifi + YES) for high availability internet and higher speeds

·         Web Reverse Proxy – Host multiple websites (dozens) with a single public IP

·         Webserver Load Balancing to redirect traffic to multiple backend webservers with

           Smart Backend Switching

·         Web Caching to accelerate your internet connection by caching frequently visited sites

·         IP Reputation services with frequent updates (block malware IPs)

·         Filtering/shaping

·         High Performance SSL VPN Server with Perfect Forward Secrecy (Mac/Win/Linux/IOS/Android clients)

·         Unlimited SSL VPN clients

·         High Performance IPSEC VPN Server for legacy installations

·         Unlimited IPSEC VPN clients

·         Site-to-site VPN to link HQ & branch offices subnets transparently

·         HTTP antivirus for additional protection from infected websites

·         IM inspector (inspect supported instant messenger traffic)

·         Embedded hardware for maximum reliability in hostile environments

·         5 Gigabit flexi interfaces

·         VLAN support

·         Full IPV6 support even when your ISP doesn’t support IPV6 (eg Unifi)

·         IP Guard – prevents unauthorized devices from getting network services

·         Advanced DHCP/DHCP6 server

·         Splitzone DNS

·         Monitoring and Reporting – Reporting based on Top Sites, Top Users as well as detailed

          logs of internet usage

·         High efficiency 64bit Intel Quadcore processor

·         Very lower power consumption

·         Powered by BSD-flavored *nix


ALL the above features, out-of-the-box without any additional activation/subscriptions required!

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