• Course Summary

Learn Business Analytics with us in 4 days

As companies seek new advantage, they are looking to Business Analytics for higher returns from two primary investments sources—information and expertise.

Business Analytics comprises of tools and methods that give the business users (i.e. decision makers) insight and understanding of not just what happened, but why it happened, with the purpose of using this insight to prescribe action.

Business Analytics marries the business professional’s broad knowledge of the business environment and business processes, taking as input the descriptive information (or facts) delivered by the BI stack enabling the user to reach insights that can be prescriptive to guide subsequent actions and decisions. Business Analytics has a specific purpose of melding information and expertise to guide business action.

Business Analytics is the scientific process of deriving insights from raw data to support decision making. Through this business analytics course you will learn:

  • Fundamentals of Predictive Analytic techniques and How and Where to use them.
  • Learn the basics of statistical techniques and R language with hands-on to manage, manipulate and analyze data.
  • Solving business problems thru analytics via Case Studies.
  • Hands-on with Data sets to derive business insights from raw data.

For Who?

  • Anyone and Everyone who is ready to master the steps required to become a Business Analytics Professional.
Modules Covered

  • Introduction to Business Analytics
  • R Fundamentals
  • R Data Visualization
  • R Data Preparation
  • Text Analytics, Document and Word Classification & Sentiment Analysis
  • Techniques for Classification
  • R Predictive Analytics
  • Case Study