Why Choose Our Courses ?

Course contents are developed by our Core group of Information Security professionals with over 20 years of experience in providing IT Security Consultation, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Tests, Ethical Hacking, Security Audits, Security Posture Assessments, and Disaster Recovery Consultations led by National Cyber Security Award Winning Professional, Mr. Clement Arul, our CEO.

Certified Big Data Security

This  workshop takes you on an interactive journey to understand the following Big Data Security landscapes such as Introduction to Current Security, Understand Big Data Concepts and many more.

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Certified IOT Security Professional

This workshop covers the basics of IoT landscape and takes you through on the security challenges and vulnerabilities also teaches steps to hack and harden the IoT devices, applications and ecosystem.

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Certified Security Aware User (CSU)

This course covers the demonstration and hands-on practicals on the topic treated such as Encryption & Backup, Social Engineering, Social Media Secure Practices and many more.

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Certified Penetration Testing

This course will enable the Network Administrators, Network Executives & Security professionals to understand different attacks used by hackers & conduct a vulnerability assessment.

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Certified Mobile Security: Android

This course will enable Security Professionals & Android Developers to understand Top 10 OWASP Mobile Security Issues & Common Mistakes committed leading to Vulnerabilities & Attacks.

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Certified Secure Developer

This course covers on how to test applications using the real hacker methodologies (manual hacking) & tools to find the vulnerabilities and fix / harden them before an attack on your application.

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Jim Meng Kok, Deloitte Analytics at Deloitte

This man is excellent at providing engaging training sessions, thoroughly explaining Network Security concepts with a significant depth of knowledge and real-world examples. He's simply very good at what he does

Danny Ha, PhDFCPERM, APC Chairman, Hong Kong

Clement is a well experience security expert and a great trainer. His training is interesting, interactive, practical, and attractive to stay focus on his sharing. Based on my 20 years of training experience, I highly recommend him.

Jackson Wee Yan BaoSystem Manager (Security Administration), Singapore Police Force

Clement is knowledgeable and willing to share his experiences with the class. He explained examples how a hacker can compromise a website and how things happened in detail. Really learn a lot from him through his course ARI for 2 years now with NO incidents. We recommend VALARI for anyone who needs to protect web applications.

Sridhar RamachandraSAP SCM, DyStar

Clement is a brilliant SME on Network Security He is the go-to person for making your network secure. He is a treasure trove of knowledge regarding 'data security & privacy' His excellent oratory & communication skills would make event the dis-interested, sit up & listen with rapt attention. And his teaching is amazingly simple even complex system architecture & network could be understood by a total outsider like a song. His consulting skills are truly outstanding.